Healing Childhood Wounds (for Adults)

Are old wounds hurting today’s relationships?

This is an experiential drama therapy group for adult children of troubled families, who want to heal from childhood wounds. The group uses psychodrama and numerous safety structures to help group members take the next step toward their recovery.

As trauma expert Bessel Van Der Kolk notes in his 2014 book The Body Keeps the Score, traumatic memories are stored in the body.  Body-based, experiential interventions such as theater provide a “bottom-up” way to heal trauma and give members a visceral experience of the good enough parent they needed.  The interventions also offer a chance to embody the new roles they would like to take in their present lives.  We have found the group to be a powerful adjunct to individual therapy.

Joy co-leads the group with Gregory Burns, MFT. The group is open for new members periodically throughout the year. Pre-registration required. Affordable fee with sliding scale. Click here for the latest news about this and other groups, including dates and times of the next session.  For more information, please call Joy at (510) 999-6380.

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[Artwork by Christine Hartmann. Used with permission. All rights reserved.]