Areas of Focus

Trauma Recovery

Trauma affects a person viscerally and can impact one’s ability to navigate the world. Trauma may include physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse; disasters; neglect; and losses. For many, healing from trauma is the heart of therapy; and we use many tools to help clients find freedom from the emotional effects of the past.

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Healthy Sexuality

Sexual addiction, including porn addiction and infidelity, can isolate individuals and devastate relationships. We work with individuals and couples who want to seek recovery from compulsive behaviors and the trauma of betrayal.

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Strong Marriages

Marriage, at its best, is a glorious adventure of growth and healing. But marriage is also incredibly hard. Couples in conflict can quickly find themselves stuck in a hurtful dance of negativity and neglect. How do you build a relationship that lasts? We help premarital and newlywed couples learn how to lay a strong foundation for their relationship.

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Spiritual Healing

Some of our clients come to us in the midst of a crisis of faith, trying to make sense of their suffering. Some of our clients have experienced spiritual abuse and are wrestling with their own spirituality. Still others prefer not to bring spirituality into their counseling sessions at all. We strive to be open and sensitive to each client’s needs.

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